Fast Stop Locations Registered As Top Diesel Fuel Sites

FS Fast Stop locations, part of the GrowMark System, are among the first to become registered Top Tier Diesel Fuel sites. The Top Tier Diesel Fuel program was developed by a group of leading diesel equipment manufacturers, which recognized the benefits of additized diesel fuel.

Fast Stop locations featuring Dieselex Gold are among the first retailers to earn the new certification for diesel fuel, which was introduced in September.  The Top Tier program, originally launched in 2004, focused on gasoline standards. FS Dieselex Gold has been sold for more than 65 years.

“We strive to provide the best fuel standard in the industry by not only meeting, but exceeding, the new Top Tier Diesel Fuel standards,” says Curt Dunafin, GrowMark energy services manager. “Additional performance benefits of Dieslex Gold include: cleaning up dirty engines, controlling moisture, faster starts, lower emissions, and extending storage stability.”

A list of the initial Fast Stop certified Top Tier diesel locations can be found at