Fast Focuses on Narrow Transport with A Series

With an industry-leading transport width of 11 ft. 10 in., Fast introduces its A-Series. A Series toolbars boast being 3 ft. narrower than any other 60-ft. toolbar design on the market.

The A-Series model offers both 1,800 and 2,600-gal. tank capacities with a larger sump, enhanced weight distribution and lower profile to significantly increase operator visibility from the cab. This applicator will also accommodate row/coulter spacing from 10-40 in.

The A-Series Applicator builds on many previous Fast toolbar design concepts, such as Flex-Hinge design, Wide-Stance Cast Parallel Links, Hydraulic Wing Kick and Active Hydraulic Downforce.

Standard features:

·         1,800 or 2,600-gal. Tank Design – Low center of gravity and large, trough-sloped sump.

·         Active Hydraulic Downforce – Adjustable downforce provides superior ground penetration and consistent application.

·         Hydraulic Wing Kick – The outer toolbar raises for headland turns to minimize crop damage and maximize yields.

·         Ace 205-304F Hydraulic Pump and Over-Speed Protection – The hydraulic flow limiter provides over-speed protection, adding to pump longevity.

·         Overall Quality Manufacturing – The FAST commitment to quality presents itself in the details of its products. This includes its castings, DOM’s and greaseable pins in higher wear pivot points, and the Magni treatment of every nut, bolt and hardware piece, we build machines to last.