Farmers Share the “Most Sage Farming Advice Ever Received”

farm at sunset ( Jeanne Bernick )

Experience is everything when it comes to farming—but, obviously, it takes time to gain. This week on Twitter, John Kowalchuk asked his followers to share the best farming advice they’ve ever received.

Here’s a sample of what Twitter farmers had to share:

  1. Maximize the yield on the land you have before you get more.  –@KowalchukFarms
  2. You can’t scout fields from the seat of the truck driving 40 mph. –@thebirdfarmer
  3. It’s not the bad years that get you in trouble, it’s the good ones. –@colincameron49
  4. The only thing in grain farming you can control is how deep you plant the seed… the rest is reaction. –@johnston_garth
  5. The weather forecast doesn’t make the ground fit. –@MIKEWPF
  6. Nothing is as good as it seems or as bad as it seems. –@MattMstorby
  7. Don’t spend dimes chasing pennies. –@Sbaxter311
  8. Be married to your wife, not the farm. –@michael_bergen
  9. Buy good farms, not cheap farms. Good farms you pay for once, poor farms you pay for every year. –@LEAADFarms
  10. Tomorrow’s coming. –@cornandcalves

*some responses were edited for clarity

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