Farmers National Company: Land Market Is Waking Up

Randy Dickhut, AFM, Senior Vice President, shares examples from four area sales managers at Farmers National ( Lindsey Benne )

Randy Dickhut, AFM, Senior Vice President, Real Estate Operations at Farmers National Company reports with all of the uncertainties of 2019, the land market had been slow, however, now heading into the fall it is waking up. 

He shares examples from four area sales managers at Farmers National: 

Sam Kain, Iowa: He’s expecting a busy fall season for Farmers National Company as many Iowa land auctions are already scheduled and more are in the works for post-harvest. He also reports that land prices are holding mostly stable for good quality Iowa land with some recent Farmers National Company auctions stronger than expected. It’s worth also noting Kain is seeing some larger acreage tracts than normal coming up for sale.

Paul Schadegg, central and southern plains: While this area is mainly driven by livestock profitability or investor demand, Schadegg reports that this region saw good land sale activity throughout early summer with a number of strong auctions held by Farmers National Company. 

Brian Mohr, northern plains and cornbelt region: He notes three developments: more auctions scheduled before harvest season starts, more landowners making inquiries about potential sales, and  an increase in the size of acreage being sold.

Roger Hayworth, eastern cornbelt: Due to the delayed planting season, Hayworth says that this area of the grain belt is probably still experiencing the slowest land market. He says there are many question marks concerning final crop production come fall harvest time. With those two factors, he thinks there’s a long tail influencing a slower land market.