Farmers Edge Forges New Partnerships, Announces Upcoming Features

Earlier this spring, Farmers Edge released its product roadmap—detailing features to be added through 2019. ( Farmers Edge )

Earlier this spring, Farmers Edge released its product road map--detailing features to be added through 2019. Last month, the company and Raven Industries announced a collaboration to further advance precision tools to leverage streaming data transfer between CanPlugs and Raven Slingshot and field computers. And this week, Farmers Edge and Lindsey Corporation announced a partnership integrating FieldNet and the Farmers Edge digital platform.

“Our strategy is rooted in whole-farm integration. Data integration is critical to help growers make the best possible decisions, maximize farm productivity and efficiency,” Wade Barnes, CEO of Farmers Edge said in a press release. “This partnership is another piece of the puzzle in our execution to build one digital platform that unlocks the value of data and addresses all aspects of farm management – from seeding to harvest, and everything in between, including irrigation management.”

Since launching in 2014, the company expects to surpass 8,500 weather stations and 25,000 telematics devices in the field this year.

The additional product enhancements from Farmers Edge platform include (and click here for full feature descriptions):

  • FarmCommand Mobile App
  • Crop Health Change Alerts
  • Gen. 2 CanPlug
  • Rapid Data Processing Engine
  • Harvest Manager
  • Profits-on-the-Go
  • Treatment Analysis
  • Insurance Products
  • eScout
  • Inventory Management
  • Advanced Equipment Reporting
  • Advanced Variety Benchmarking
  • Growth Stage Modeling
  • Pest Prediction
  • Enhanced Yield Prediction Tool



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