Farmers Can Drive Over and Leave New Soil Probe for Extended Periods

Old and new crop residue in the field ( Darrell Smith )

This week IntelliFarms announced its release of the new WISP-2 Soil Probe. The new tool provides accuracy and ease of use in the field.

“We are really excited to announce the launch of the WISP-2 Soil Probe,” said Adam Weiss, COO of IntelliFarms in a recent news release. “It really addresses shortcoming of other probes on the market today. It’s so important to know what’s going on in your fields year-round, so the far that these can stay in the field is a big win.”

Farmers don’t need drills to install this new soil probe and removal just requires a slide hammer. It uses Lithium AA batteries that can last as long as four years, so farmers can leave the probe in the field year-round. The only time they need to be removed is for activities that disturb the soil, such as tillage.

However, WISP-2 Soil Probe is safe to drive over as it protrudes just a few inches above ground so tractors, sprayers and combines can clear the tool. The probe measures soil temperature at six points, taken ever 4” down to 24” for a complete picture of the soil’s saturation. Each probe connects with a wireless network within IntelliFarms’ FieldDataManager.

When farmers need to replace batteries or remove probes for tillage they’re easy to locate with a built-in audio locator. WISP-2 Soil Probe is currently available for purchase.