Farm Sense: All Hail Moms!

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Farm Sense with Clinton Griffiths ( Farm Journal )

COMMENTARY: Hey fellas, in case you didn't know, this weekend is Mother's Day. I'm always at a loss on what say about Moms. I never feel like words or a clever phrase truly capture the emotion or the respect our rural moms deserve.

Carhartt is giving it a try this year with it's 'All Hail Mom' campaign. You can watch it here.

The tone and the message are right on point. It doesn't take long working in this industry to realize these truths-my Mom and my wife both inspiring my daughter to be and accomplish anything while my grandmother, now in her late 90's, did it before them. Beautiful women, deserving of our family's love and respect.

So this Mother's Day, like we should do every day, take time, say thank you, honor the women in your life, recognize their work, their love, their dedication and by all means do SOMETHING to show how much you value them. 

You can fill up their car, take them to eat, pick up the house or at very least, get your own gate. 

Happy Mother's Day to all those great moms helping the rest of us get through life.