Farm Journal Pulse Shows Weed Control Tops List Of Needs

Pests come in many forms such as insects, disease or weeds. ( Lindsey Benne )

What would you do with one silver bullet that allowed complete control over a single pest that plagues your fields? Would you use it against insects, weeds, diseases or nematodes? See the Farm Journal Pulse results below to learn what your fellow farmers said. While silver bullets are hard to come by, there are other resilient options you can load in the chamber against pests.

Billions of dollars are spent on corn and soybean breeding research each year to address the worst pests. Because of this research, insect-, herbicide- and disease-tolerant crops save millions of bushels annually. However, nature is constantly at work to stay one step ahead of scientists, and as soon as a new solution is found researchers work diligently to preserve it and find additional solutions before resistance evolves. Learn more in the following pages about the research underway to outsmart pests today and what’s coming in the future.

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