Extreme Flooding Decimates Fields, Herds and Cities in its Path

Flooding might prevent some farmers from planting altogether. This field picture is from last fall, flooding today is much worse. ( Sonja Begemann )

In what weathermen are calling “historic” flooding, those along the Missouri, Elkhorn and Platte Rivers are enduring loss of homes, productivity and livestock. According to Reuters, the end isn’t coming anytime soon.

“We’re looking at widespread flooding that continues until at least early next week in the Plains and Midwest region,” Marc Chenard with the National Weather Service told Reuters Sunday. Additional cities in Iowa, Missouri and Nebraska are expected to be evacuated this week.

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Last week Governor Pete Ricketts declared a statewide emergency for Nebraska citizens. So far, two people have died in the floodwaters.

In addition, row crop farmers are facing the possibility of losing their livelihood for the season. Planting is around the corner and water levels don’t look to subside anytime soon. And even when they do, mud means more delays for farmers.