Explanation of ASFMRA education week course offerings

The American Society of Farm Managers and Rural Appraisers has provided a listing of education sessions that will be part of the society's Summer Education Week program in Omaha, Neb. from July 15 through 25. Registration is open for the events and courses.

Appraiser Core Education

Basic Appraisal Principles (A101) Provides a solid foundation of basic appraisal principles for all specialties and is the beginning class for your Trainee License.

 Basic Appraisal Procedures (A102) Prepares the student to apply basic appraisal principles and concepts and is the second class that you need for your Trainee License.

15-Hour National USPAP You need this to complete your Trainee License, bundle with A101 and A102 for only $1,099!

General Market Analysis and Highest & Best Use (A290) Designed to meet the 30 hours required by the Appraiser Qualifications Board for Qualifying Education for General Certified Appraisers.  This class provides a forum of analysis and discussion on the impacts of the highest and best use of rural real estate for the appraiser. 28 Hours + 2 Exam Hours of CE

 Foundations of Appraisal Review (A600) Provides training for review appraisers performing reviews of appraisal reports for federal land acquisitions or conveyances. Required class for those seeking the Real Property Review Appraiser (RPRA) designation. 36 Hours + 4 Exam Hours of CE

Manager/Consultant Core Education

Every class you need to get accredited! Ag Land Management 1,2,3 and 4 in addition to the AFM/AAC Accreditation Exam.

Appraisal Seminars

Introduction to Statistical Analysis for Appraisers This seminar will provide an introduction to statistics and valuation modeling. In the seminar the basics of statistical analysis will include terminology used in statistics, and through the use of problem solving and case studies introduce the class participant to linear and multiple regression techniques using Excel. The seminar is not meant to make you a statistician but to familiarize yourself with the use of statistics in the appraisal world. 8 Hours of CE

Rural Sale Analysis and Confirmation The development of a reliable market database includes the discovery, confirmation, analysis, and archiving of real estate sales. The objective of this seminar is to focus primarily on the confirmation process. Analysis of the market data collected, for use in yield capitalization, and estimating accrued depreciation is a secondary focus. The class participant's past experience in the two resulting steps are likely varied, but complete sales analysis is not possible without in-depth sales confirmation. 8 Hours of CE

Understanding and Using Comparable Transactions From the Alliance for Valuation Education. The analysis of real estate transactions is a critical component in the valuation of real property. Appraisal methodology and techniques are based on the comparison of data. Market analysis, highest and best use analysis, and the three approaches to value-the sales comparison approach, the cost approach, and the income approach-are developed based on the comparison of data. The proper recognition and identification of what is a comparable, why it has been selected as a comparable, and how the comparable is used is critical to the appraisal process. Appraisers use comparable property information every day. Often they are used without appraisers consciously thinking of the reasons behind their selection and use. 7 Hours of CE

Management/Consultant Seminars

Fine Tuning Production Practices Learn from two senior agronomists with the Hefty Boys (aka AgPhD) about soils, fertility and weed control.  Learn from Rapid Fire presenters about challenging agronomic issues. 7 Hours of CE

Nutrient Management Seminar This seminar will cover what options producers have both now and in the future to meet the needs of profitable production and the increasingly environmentally conscious consumer. 7 Hours of CE

Summer-Fall Weather Forecast & the Grain and Soybean Outlook for 2015 and an Update on Banking, Finance and Lending--DTN University and Shane Frahm from Farm Credit Services of America will keep you informed on a variety of interesting topics that impact production, marketing and your client's ability to borrow. 7 Hours of CE

Registration can be accomplished by clicking here.




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