Exapta Solutions Founder Matt Hagny Dies In Accident

Matt Hagny died in a rock-climbing accident on Saturday, Aug. 24, in Colorado. 

Hagny founded Exapta Solutions in 1998 as a no-till seeding specialty manufacturer. The mission of Exapta was “the simple vision of providing better tools for no-till seeding.”  

Matthew Philip Hagny was born May 31, 1969, and grew up on a grain and cattle farm outside Gettysburg, S.D. After receiving his Bachelor of Science and Law degrees, he moved to Kansas in 1993 as a no-till agronomy consultant. He founded Pinnacle Crop Technologies, and he also offered a custom no-till seeding service from 1994 to 2001. Hagny served on the board of directors for No-till on the Plains, and he traveled extensively as a student of no-till farming across the world. 

Outside of agriculture, he was passionate about rock climbing and hang gliding. He lived part of the year in Joshua Tree, Calif. 

He is survived by his parents, Philip and Gladys Hagny, of Gettysburg; sisters Sara French (Eric); and Emilie Downs (Tony); two nephews and one niece (Edward, Jillian and Miles French).

Below are two statements from the company: