Evaluating Nebraska's Hail Damaged Crop

Scouts on Western Leg of Crop Tour discuss samples gathered. ( Betsy Jibben )

Scouts on the Pro Farmer Midwest Crop Tour have to wait until Tuesday night to hear the overall average yield estimates for Nebraska crops based on samples they collected.

However, the trip down to Grand Island, Nebraska for the meeting Monday night didn’t come without a challenge in the fields, especially when it comes to hail.

“We got down to Humphrey, Nebraska and we rain into an area of hail,” said Brent Judisch, a farmer from Cedar, Falls, Iowa and a scout on the tour.

Judisch said, “We had to go at least ten miles to find a field to sample. There was nothing on both sides of the road.”

Judisch says his route before the Humphrey area consisted of ‘a very good, consistent and more uniform crop.’

Judisch said, “I’ve seen hail in Nebraska before, but I’ve never driven for that many miles with a zero [for a yield]. Up there in the Northcentral part, it was a zero.”

AgDay national reporter Betsy Jibben talked with Judisch about his travels through South Dakota and Nebraska during the first day of tour.