EPA Releases Decision on Dicamba

Dicamba Update

The EPA has released its decision on the future of Dicamba. The agency approved over-the-top use of Dicamba in cotton and soybeans through December of 2020.  Acting administrator Andrew Wheeler says EPA understands Dicamba is a valuable tool for America's farmers.
The announcement does include new label restrictions, however. Only certified applicators may apply Dicamba over-the-top. Those working under the supervision of a certified applicator may no longer make applications. It prohibits over-the-top application of Dicamba on soybeans 45 days after planting, and on cotton 60 days after planting, and applications will be allowed only from 1 hour after sunrise to 2 hours before sunset. Both Bayer and BASF are welcoming the news.  With the company's recent acquisition of Bayer's U.S. agriculture business, BASF is now selling cotton and soybeans resistant to both Liberty Link and Dicamba.
We're still waiting on final numbers, but early indications are Dicamba damage was down in 2018 as a percentage of overall planted acres. In July, estimates put damage at 1.1 million acres for the season.

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