EPA to Release Chlorpyrifos Decision Within 90 Days

Illinois Corn College 2015 ( Sonja Begemann )

This week the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals gave the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) 90 days to make a decision on chlorpyrifos.

Chris Novak, president and CEO of CropLife America said in a recent statement to Agri-Pulse that CropLife “Is pleased that the court returned the decision to the EPA. We will continue to work with the agency to encourage decisions that are based in science. Chlorpyrifos has been carefully evaluated and approved by regulatory bodies in 79 countries and is one of many critical tools used by farmers to fight pest infestations.”

The agency has until mid-July to respond to objections from environmental groups and farmworkers to EPA’s 2017 decision to permit continued use of the insecticide, according to Agri-Pulse.

“For some crops and target pests, chlorpyrifos is the only line of defense, with no viable alternatives,” said Sonny Perdue, U.S. Secretary of Agriculture.