EPA Registers Duromide, Koch Introduces Anvol Nitrogen Stabilizer

Koch is introducing Anvol for sale in 2019.
( Koch Agronomic Services )

Koch has received EPA registration for Duromide, the company’s new active ingredient used in Anvol nitrogen stabilizer. With the registration under the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA), Anvol ammonia volatilization inhibitor is now available for sale and purchase in the U.S.

Anvol includes two active ingredients: Duromide (which is only found in Anvol) and NBPT. The company says the two ingredients work in tandem to maximize nitrogen availability in a wide range of soil environments.

“Anvol offers the longest-available protection against volatilization losses. This extra window of time can make a tremendous difference to growers who don’t experience adequate rainfall or aren’t able to mechanically incorporate their fertilizer after application,” Dr. Greg Schwab, director of agronomy for Koch said in a news release. “We’re excited Anvol will be available to help growers throughout the U.S. maintain their yield potential.”

The company shares data from a Louisiana State University trial, where Anvol reduced cumulative ammonia loss to 12% compared to losses of more than 30% with untreated urea. More research data and product details are available here.