Elmer’s Manufacturing Doubles Down With New Haulmaster Grain Carts

The newest Haulmaster grain carts feature improvements to its clearance, auger fold/unfold, electronics, and more. ( Elmer's Manufacturing )

The Haulmaster series of grain carts has been a big win for Elmer’s Manufacturing. The company tripled its engineering team and double its production employees based on its success.

Today, Elmer’s unveiled the newest Haulmaster grain carts with improvements to its clearance, auger fold/unfold, electronics, and more.

The new Haulmaster series will span four models—1100, 1300, 1600, and 2000 bu. capacities. This eliminates the smaller 850 bu. cart, which is said to have been a low volume model for the company. The high capacity carts feature a custom-designed track system.  

Using “smart hydraulics” Haulmaster Pro initiates the auger fold slowly, and then speeds up to maximum hydraulic pressure and then slows down for a soft ending. There’s also optional joystick control.

The frame is said to be completely redesigned for improved balance of height, length and width. On the 1100 model the grain cart is 16” lower, which improves the combine auger clearance in the field.

The PowerMaster direct drive gear box replaces the previous belt-driven designs. It also is easier to pair with higher horsepower tractors.

The Haulmaster Connect feature provides for a direct scale connection—to improve load tracking and scale diagnostics. It also includes a tablet and app.

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