Eastern Crop Tour Preview: Mature Crop Helps Dial In Numbers

Eastern Leg Preview with Brian
Preview of the eastern leg of the Pro Farmer Crop Tour ( Farm Journal )

As the eastern leg of the Pro Farmer Midwest Crop Tour starts in Ohio and Indiana Monday, Pro Farmer Editor Brian Grete will be looking at a crop that is up to two weeks more mature than average. That, he says, has historically given Pro Farmer a leg up in accuracy.

“When we plug our numbers into our corn yield formula, the more mature the crop is the better indicator it typically gives us because, you know, you're closer to the finish line,” Grete says.

Grete says that rushed corn crop raises questions about ear weights. While the Crop Tour does not record ear weight, the scouts will certainly be watching it.

“The veteran scouts know whether they're holding a heavy ear of corn or whether it's a light ear of corn or normal or whatever the case,” Grete says. “So that'll be something that we're watching.”

The eastern leg of the Crop Tour will start Monday in Columbus, Ohio. Scouts will split among 13 separate routes and meet again Monday evening in Indianapolis after covering Ohio and the eastern part of Indiana.

Watch Brian Grete’s preview of the eastern leg of the Pro Farmer Midwest Crop Tour from Farm Journal.