Early-Season Weed Control for Improved Resistance Management

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The American Society of Agronomy hosted a webinar, sponsored by Nufarm, on early-season weed control for improved resistance management. Keynote speaker was Dr. Bryan Young, a professor of weed science at Purdue University.


Early Burndown is an Effective Management Tool


Managing herbicide-resistant weeds in major row crops has become progressively more challenging as the spread of resistance continues and the presence of weeds with resistance to multiple herbicide mode of action groups expands. The majority of these resistance problems are related to the use of post-emergence herbicides that have proven ineffective for the control of weeds such as horseweed (i.e., marestail), waterhemp, Palmer amaranth and giant ragweed.


Hear Dr. Young give recommendations on how to control these tough weeds. Using a two application system and including residual herbicides can be a key management strategy to gain control. Find out more management tips from the webinar available on demand.


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