Dow AgroSciences, Radiant Genomics sign R&D agreement

Dow AgroSciences and Radiant Genomics announced a research and development (R&D) collaboration agreement to discover novel natural products for application in crop protection products. The collaboration combines proprietary metagenomic and engineering-biology technologies from Radiant Genomics with Dow AgroSciences' natural products discovery and product development capabilities to deliver new products from naturally derived chemistries.

Dow AgroSciences has been successful in discovering and commercializing natural and semi-synthetic crop protection products. For example, spinosad (Entrust SC Naturalyte Insect Control, Conserve SC speciality insecticide, Tracer insecticide, and Success Naturalyte Insect Control) and spinetoram (Radiant SC, Delegate WG, Exalt SC, and Endure insecticides) are two market-leading active ingredients in the spinosyns family of chemistry that are derived through fermentation and are important tools for controlling insects in many crops around the world.

"This  collaboration will allow us to combine the expertise and capabilities within Dow AgroSciences with Radiant's proprietary technologies to accelerate our industry-recognized natural products discovery program, building on our commitment to sustainable solutions, said Daniel R. Kittle, Vice President of Research and Development at Dow AgroSciences.

The technology employed by Radiant Genomics will enhance Dow AgroSciences' natural product lead generation and optimization process. Working together, the combined expertise can help to bring new crop protection products to the market sooner.

"Radiant is delighted to be working with Dow AgroSciences and is looking forward to combining our leading-edge metagenomic natural product discovery platform with Dow AgroSciences' world-class expertise and infrastructure in search of novel crop protection products, said Jeffrey Kim, Ph.D., chief scientific officer, Radiant Genomics, Inc.


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