Dow AgroSciences launches Enlist Cotton for the 2016 season

Growers now have access to the breakthrough technology of Enlist

cotton in 2016. As part of the Enlist weed control system, the Enlist cotton trait represents an innovative advancements in weed control technology for the cotton industry. Enlist cotton has exceptional crop tolerance to Enlist Duo

herbicide — a combination of glyphosate and new 2,4-D choline — and full tolerance to glufosinate herbicides.

Growers like Virginia-based Mike Griffin participated in the 2015 Enlist cotton grower research plots. He said,

"We cannot stop innovating to find a way to be better and to do more with agriculture. The Enlist system specifically has been brought forward to help control weed species that have just been unmanageable. We look forward to using this technology to help us with those resistant and hard to control weeds."

Enlist cotton will be available in consistently high-yielding PhytoGen

cottonseed. It will be stacked with Genuity

Roundup Ready

Flex and WideStrike


Insect Protection.

"This marks the first trait within the Enlist weed control system to be launched," says Brian Barker, U.S. seeds general manager, Dow AgroSciences. "Dow

AgroSciences is excited to bring forward this innovative technology in PhytoGen cottonseed to U.S. cotton growers for the 2016 season. It provides the much-needed, improved weed control to help maximize yield."

On-target application, weed control and crop tolerance top list of benefits

In the United States, more than 84 million acres are infested with resistant and hard-to-control weeds.1

Cotton growers deal with some of the most difficult weeds, including Palmer amaranth, marestail and giant ragweed. Texas farmer Jon Whatley and other participants in the Enlist cotton grower research plots saw the quick action of Enlist Duo on troublesome weeds.

"After application, we came back to the field a short time later and were amazed at how the weeds were already drooping and curling. Better yet, the Enlist cotton was thriving," says said Whatley, 2015 Enlist‚Ñ¢

cotton grower research plot participant. "Enlist Duo worked quickly, and that's what we want to see so the cotton can grow without the weed competition."

Enlist Duo herbicide is optimized for on-target application with Dow AgroSciences' proprietary Colex-D

technology. Colex-D technology not only minimizes the potential for physical drift and provides near-zero volatility but also decreases odor and improves handling, it is noted.

The diverse agricultural landscape throughout the Cotton Belt means specialty crops may be located near cotton acres. Mississippi grower Trey Koger, Ph.D., participated in the Enlist cotton grower research plots and says it is important to be mindful of neighbors' crops when making a herbicide application.

"We have a lot of crops growing in close proximity to one another, such as rice, grain sorghum and peanuts," Koger says. "I had no issues at all with drift or volatility with Enlist Duo. The Enlist cotton field shows that we'll be able to utilize this technology to help us manage glyphosate-resistant and hard-to-control weeds."

With tolerance to three distinct modes of action (2,4-D, glyphosate and glufosinate), Enlist cotton gives growers more flexibility in their weed control programs. Using multiple modes of action delivers proven results, controlling resistant weeds in the field while helping growers prevent resistance for seasons to come.

Enlist Duo

herbicide is not yet registered for use with Enlist cotton. Dow AgroSciences anticipates registration in time for applications in 2016.

In November, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) requested a vacatur of the registration of Enlist Duo for use on Enlist

corn and Enlist soybeans. Dow

AgroSciences is confident in the extensive data supporting Enlist Duo herbicide and provided additional data to assure that the conditions of registered use of the product will continue to protect the environment, including threatened and endangered plant species. With U.S. farmers' need for access to Enlist Duo to control resistant weeds and the comprehensive assessments already conducted for the herbicide, Dow

AgroSciences expects these new evaluations will result in a prompt resolution.

Growers will continue to experience Enlist

corn and soybeans in 2016
Pending import approvals, Dow AgroSciences anticipates the launch of Enlist corn in 2016.

Enlist soybeans will be managed in 2016 as part of an expanded Dow AgroSciences Field Forward‚Ñ¢

program as additional import approvals are obtained. Field Forward provides growers an opportunity to experience the company's newest technologies before they are commercially available.

Growers participating in the Field Forward program will grow Enlist soybeans for seed production. Dow AgroSciences will manage the seed production throughout the season, including handling and storage after harvest.