Don’t Let Weeds Steal Valuable Moisture & Nutrients From Fallow Land

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Putting land into fallow to conserve moisture and nutrients has long been a management practice in areas where moisture levels don’t support continuous cropping. In order to get the maximum benefits of fallow, growers should control the weeds. Left uncontrolled, weeds can use up all the moisture and nutrients, producing millions of seeds and further adding to weed pressure.

With the development of herbicide resistance, growers need to plan accordingly and adjust. Here are some tips for resistance management in fallow land:

  1. Scout fields early and often and apply herbicides at optimal times, when the weeds are small
  2. If using glyphosate, add an effective tank-mix partner(s) with multiple modes of action that is effective on herbicide-resistant biotypes and
  3. Consider adding a residual herbicide for long-lasting control and as a way to include different modes of action for resistance management
  4. Always use full rates according to the label
  5. Diversify tank-mixes for sequential passes throughout the season
  6. Scout after application to assess weed control, keeping an eye out for possible herbicide resistance and to handle any escapes before they go to seed
  7. Plan ahead for future burndown before seeding the next crop to ensure rotating modes of action
  8. Be aware of re-cropping and plant back restrictions for the next crop

Nufarm offers several solid weed control products for fallow. Scorch provides unparalleled control of broadleaf weeds, included glyphosate- and dicamba-resistant kochia. This tough pre-mix of three active ingredients provides true systemic control and is compatible with many other herbicides for longer residual and grass control. WeedMaster is the dependable choice for consistent control in fallow land. It provides excellent control of annual, biennial and perennial broadleaf weeds. Add Panther SC  in the mix for extended residual control to keep the field clean.

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