DC Help Desk: Spare Fuse Requirement

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It was brought to ARA’s attention through the DC Helpdesk that retailers were being cited for a DOT FMCSA regulation that requires spare fuses on trucks even though today’s trucks do not use fuses.

To resolve the issue at hand, ARA turned to the regulation and FMCSA and discovered that the regulation only required a spare fuse on trucks that use spare fuses in the first place.  49 CFR 393.95(b).  Therefore, you cannot get a violation for not having a spare fuse if your truck does not use fuses.  DOT FMCSA inspectors did not necessarily understand this and were issuing citations to trucks that did not use fuses for not having spare fuses.  

Once ARA identified the problem, ARA informed its contacts at DOT FMCSA. The government agency has since been working to better train inspectors so they are not issuing citations for trucks that do not use fuses.

Learn more from Richard Gupton with ARA in this edition of the AgPro podcast: 

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