DC Help Desk: ARA Gives Logistical Support

AgPro Podcast ARA DC
U.S. Capitol in Washington DC ( Sara Schafer )

“Consider us an extension of your company,” says ARA’s Richard Gupton. As he describes in a recent AgPro podcast (listen above!), the association’s DC Help Desk should be used by member companies as a sort of concierge to our nation’s Capitol. 

“We can set up visits with congressional offices and help retailers connect with senior officials from federal agencies,” Gupton says. “We can do all the logistics once you arrive in D.C.” 

Recent examples include how the association assisted members in making appointments to talk trade and transportation issues with congressional members and Department of Transportation senior-level officials. 

“Congress and agencies will be making decisions whether our members reach out or not. It’s incumbent on our members to reach out, and we’re here to help,” Gupton says. 

If you are an ARA member with advocacy or regulatory questions or are interested in booking meetings with your representatives or getting answers from regulatory agencies, then log in, and send questions through ARA’s DC Help Desk. Go to ARAdc.org/HelpDesk, or call (202) 457-0825.