Day One Of Crop Tour Images Flood Social Media

Day one of the 2018 Pro Farmer Midwest Crop Tour has officially begun and images have flooded social media feeds. With two tours covering seven states throughout the week, farmers can expect to see more images from corn and soybean fields than usual. Scroll down to see some of the posts farmers are seeing.

AgDay anchor Clinton Griffiths shares the results the fields he has been seeing in Ohio.

Betsy Jibben, National Reporter for AgDay and U.S. Farm Report, provides information from South Dakota as she reports on corn and soybean sampling.

Also in South Dakota, Ted Seifried, Vice President and Chief Market Strategist of Zaner Ag Hedge reports a 168.5 average yield and a tip back theme for the three stops he has analyzed.

Justin Doerr, an organic farmer in Northeast Nebraska, gives a 162.4 average yield for corn and counts 2,847 soybean pods just east of Rosalie, Nebraska.

According to Pro Farmer, corn yields are calculated using a consistent data set: ear populations, grain length in inches, kernel rows around the ear and row spacing in each field. While soybean yields are not estimated, analysts calculate the number of pods in a 3-foot by 3-foot square to help determine how much of the โ€œbean-making factoryโ€ is in production.

To learn more about how analysts are gathering this information, read How To Predict Yields.