Day 3 Western Preliminary Report: Excess Rain Could Cap Iowa Yields

Western leg of the 2018 Pro Farmer Crop Tour in Iowa. ( Betsy Jibben )

Late planting and unfavorable weather could bring yields down in parts of the Hawkeye state. Normally a lush, “garden,” state, some regions of Iowa show signs of severe stress.


“Northwest Iowa is suffering from late planting and too much standing water. Both pod counts and corn yields have been adversely impacted by the rain,” says Jeff Wilson, lead scout on the western leg of the Pro Farmer Midwest Crop Tour. “There are many small and large ponds [areas of ponding water in fields] across the area, reducing harvested acreage, and crops are uneven. But nothing extraordinary or terrible. The crops are moving quickly toward maturity.”

There are many cornfields with a phosphorous, bright-green color—a clear indication of lost nitrogen. We have also seen some evidence of light wind and hail damage,” he adds. “It doesn’t take long to count the number of pods on each plant.”


Preliminary Route Report from Western Tour Leader Jeff Wilson


What counties have you sampled from? Pocahontas (District 1), Humboldt (District 2), Plymouth (District 1), Webster (District 5), Lyon (District 1), Sioux (District 1),

Corn yield range: 137 bu. per acre to 221 bu. per acre

Corn yield average: 181 bu. per acre

Soybean pod count range (in a 3’x3’): 505 pods to 1,300 pods

Soybean pod count average (in a 3’x3’): 893 pods


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