'Crushing Disease Pressure' In Some Iowa Cornfields

Disease pressure is showing up in Illinois corn, but is even worse in parts of Iowa, according to Ken Ferrie, Farm Journal Field Agronomist and owner of Crop-Tech Consulting.

In Ferrie’s latest edition of the Boots In The Field podcast, he highlights various agronomic problems he found this week, including Goss’s wilt, gray leaf spot and common rust. He notes that Physoderma brown spot is particularly bad in Iowa fields.

“I saw fields that even though they were sprayed with fungicide, I think they’re going to fall apart,” he says. Some fields should probably have been sprayed a second time, even though it was June corn.”

Ferrie discusses the various disease issues and crop conditions with farmer and agribusiness owner Joe Malecek, who’s based near Osage, Iowa. You can get the full report here: