Crop Tour Photos Give Farmers a Glimpse of Midwest Fields

Wrapping up day three of the 2018 ProFarmer Crop Tour, analysts continue to share what they are seeing out in the fields. Here’s a glimpse as to what they are finding.

National Reporter for AgDay and U.S. Farm Report, Betsy Jibben, shares this image of hail damaged corn in Southwest Nebraska.

Brian Grossman shares some of what he has been finding in corn and soybean fields throughout Iowa.

A variety of ear sizes were found in Henry County Iowa, ranging from 7 inches to 9 inches.

Near the Minnesota border in Emmet County, Iowa, Jarod Creed reported 48 bushel per acre corn.

Michael Hirtzer shared a photo of soybean plants in Durant Iowa yielding only 740 pods in a 3x3 foot section.

Scouts are finding more variability today than what they saw in previous states. What does this mean for yield? Find out tonight on when final yield numbers for day three are announced. Want to see more? Search for #PFTour18.