Crop Tour: Is Nebraska the Sweet Spot for Corn?

As Pro Farmer Crop Tour scouts continue their journeys across the central U.S., they’re finding more and more variability. However, scouts from Nebraska are reporting positive findings. Follow along on Twitter at #PFTour19.

Things are looking better in Nebraska #corn #soy #pftour19

— Isis Almeida (@isiscarol14) August 19, 2019 . 

The difference between #SouthDakota and #Nebraska?#pftour19

— Dustin Hoffmann, Iowa Ag Radio (@Dustin_IAAgBiz) August 19, 2019

Highest #corn yield of our route so far in Boone, Nebraska, at about 218bpa #pftour19

— Isis Almeida (@isiscarol14) August 19, 2019

However, Nebraska isn’t without its challenges, too.

Would have been a good sample but anything that makes grain gets counted. Sampling from a giant corn field this week, folks! Plate Co, NE #PFTour19

— Emily Flory Carolan (@emily_floryag14) August 19, 2019

On the East leg of the tour, scouts are seeing variability and low pod counts with the occasional “stand out” field.

Four #soybean stops in southeast Indiana (Randolph, Wayne, Union and Fayette Counties). Average 1047.1 on a 3x3 plot. Tour average in this district last year was 1224.7 on a 3x3 plot . #pftour19

— Marcos Faé (@MarcosFae) August 19, 2019

On 7 stops in Indiana crop districts 3, 6 & 5 in the eastern part of the state, my route had an average pod count in a 3’x3’ square of 796. Range of 289 to 1341.6 #pftour19

— Brian Grete (@BGrete) August 19, 2019

Most mature corn we found all day in Grant county Indiana. 212.32bpa#pftour19

— Zach Egesdal (@RealZachEgesdal) August 19, 2019

Overall, it’s evident this is a challenging year and this will be a Crop Tour like no other.

12 attempted stops and were only able to keep 7 samples. Just shows how far behind the maturity of the corn is. #pftour19

— Bruce Lantzky (@Lantzkyfarms) August 19, 2019

This mid June planted corn may be 16X30 but grains will be tiny. 100K + seeds/bu. #pftour19

— New Buckeye Farm (@RogerGreeson) August 19, 2019

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