Crop Tour Finds Healthy Nebraska Corn Despite Hail Damage

Nebraska Crop Tour 2018 ( Betsy Jibben )

Fifty crop scouts kicked off the second day of the western leg of the Pro Farmer Midwest Crop Tour in Hamilton County and York County, Neb. So far, they’re impressed with the corn’s potential.

“It’s very good yields, very mature corn,” says Brent Judisch, a farmer from Cedar Falls, Iowa. “It’s in full dent and moving along rather nicely.”

At full dent, the crop is about one week to 10 days more mature than normal, which could lead to a slightly early harvest in parts of Nebraska. Plus, hail could add pressure for farmers to get crops out of the field early before disease sets in and weakens the stalks.

“The hail damage we saw today is very minor, it hasn’t done much to the crop,” Judisch says. “The crop is still standing, I think it’s probably not going to be a factor as long as they get the crop out when it’s ready.”

Diligent scouting might be in order for hail-damaged fields in Nebraska. For this particular area, however, yield likely won’t be affected because the storm came later in the season.

“On the four stops we had two had hail damage,” Judisch explains. “But even on those two there were good yield. [The hail] probably won’t hurt much.”

As scouts wade into fields they’re finding healthy crops with less leaf disease than in years past, the biggest difference is maturity. Stay tuned for more Pro Farmer Crop Tour updates throughout today as scouts make their way through Nebraska (western) and Indiana (eastern).