Crop Tech - April 2020

Farm Journal's Crop Tech ( Lindsey Benne )

Corteva Will Stop Making Chlorpyrifos

After this year, Corteva Agriscience will no longer manufacture or sell the pesticide chlorpyrifos. The company says this is in response to demand decline — not public or regulatory concern. Corteva is not the only manufacturer of the insecticide.  

Corteva secured enough supply to meet current demand through the end of this year, and farmers who bought chlorpyrifos from Corteva in 2020 will receive their orders.

In 1997, organophosphates (chlorpyrifos’ chemical class) represented 40% of the global pesticide market, per Corteva. Today it’s 5%, and the company expects it to decrease more due to increased regulatory scrutiny.

The chemical is scheduled for regulatory review with EPA in the fourth quarter of this year.

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Valent to Launch New Herbicide

Corn and soybean farmers will have a new post-emergent herbicide option just in time for the 2020 growing season. Valent recently received EPA registration for Perpetuo residual herbicide.

The company says this new product will provide long-lasting residual control to help farmers combat late-emerging weeds through canopy closure. While pre-emergent herbicides provide control longer into the season with residuals, they might not have enough gas to make it to canopy closure.

Perpetuo is a group 15 herbicide (active ingredient: pyroxasulfone), mixed with a group 14 herbicide (active ingredient: flumiclorac). Valent says it’s a low-use rate with burndown and residual properties.

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Pre-Emergent Herbicide Targets Pigweeds

Joining the fight against weeds is FMC’s Authority Edge preplant, pre-emergent herbicide for use in soybeans, sunflowers and dry shelled peas.

The product is a low-rate liquid formulation of group 14, and the newest group 15 herbicide. It provides residual control of small-seeded broadleaf and grass weeds. FMC says it’s labeled for use against waterhemp, Palmer amaranth, pigweed, black nightshade, common lambsquarters, Russian thistle, morning glories, smartweed, foxtail, barnyardgrass and fall panicum.

In a 2019 Southern Illinois University soybean trial, Authority Edge provided 98% control of waterhemp 42 days after the pre-emergent treatment.

A University of Tennessee trial showed 98% control of Palmer amaranth and 83% control of pitted morning glory 28 days after application. The herbicide can be used for fall and spring preplant and pre-emerge applications and up to three days after planting.

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