Crop Progress: Wet Week Stalls Harvest

The copious amounts of rain that fell throughout the corn belt last week are evident in this week’s Crop Progress report. USDA reports the week ending October 7, corn harvest was 34% complete, compared to 21% the same week last year. USDA reports soybean harvest is 32% complete, two percentage points behind last year’s pace.  While the report shows corn harvest ahead of last year, a deeper dive into the numbers confirms farmers were stuck out of the field last week.

Farmers in Iowa only had 1.6 days suitable for field work according to USDA, but gained four percentage points last week, moving corn from 11% harvested the week ending September 30, to 15% harvested this week.

Farmers in North Dakota had two days suitable for fieldwork and only moved the needle 2 percentage points from 6% to 8% of corn harvested. Similarly, in South Dakota, farmers used their 1.9 suitable days to gain 5 percentage points to be 16% harvested the week ending October 7. Wisconsin farmers harvested 4% more corn in their two-day window for fieldwork ending the week 14% harvested.



Wisconsin is weighing on the average with only 17% of their crop harvested, compared to 30% last year. Similarly, last year Arkansas was 60% harvested as of October 7, and this year farmers there have only harvested 32% of their soybeans. In addition, Louisiana was 90% harvested this week last year, and this year they are only at 79%.


Crop conditions for both corn and soybeans remain steady.