Crop Progress: Warm Weather Rewards Corn, Soybeans

5/30/18 Crop Progress
USDA reports 92% of the nation’s corn crop is planted, it’s 72% emerged and 79% of it is rated Good-Excellent. ( Farm Journal )

Recent warm weather pushed corn and soybean planting toward the finish line, doubled the percentage of soybeans emerged and rewarded emerged corn with an overwhelmingly Good-Excellent rating.

In its Monday Crop Progress Report, USDA said 92% of the nation’s corn crop is planted, it’s 72% emerged and 79% of it is rated Good-Excellent.

Ohio appears to be this week’s garden spot. There, 28% of the crop rated Excellent and 57% of it rated good. Corn in Illinois is also off to a great start with 31% of the crop rated Excellent and another 52% of it rated Good.

Just east of Ohio in Pennsylvania, the corn crop is struggling with 11% of it rated Poor. Texas, which has been suffering from drought for months is also seeing corn impacted by weather. There, 12% of the crop is rated Poor or Very Poor.

In soybeans, the recent warmth has bumped soil temperatures in the northern states, prompting farmers to finish planting. According to USDA, 77% of the nation’s soybeans are planted. Last week farmers in North Dakota planted 39% of their crop. Similarly, in South Dakota, farmers put in 37% more beans than reported last week and North Dakota producers planted 39% more beans. Minnesota and Wisconsin farmers planted 32% and 30% respectively.

The weather has helped soybean seeds emerge as well. Since last week another 21% of the nation’s soybean crop emerged, bringing the total to 47%. That number is well above the five-year average of 32%.


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