Corporate donation to the Crop Seed Trust

The Crop Seed Trust held its Pledging Conference in Washington, D.C., recently. News reports noted that pledges for the Crop Diversity Endowment Fund included $60 million over five years from the United States, $27 million from Germany and $4 million from Australia.

DuPont Pioneer stepped forward last week to point out that money from the private sector is involved in the Crop Seed Trust funds. DuPont Pioneer noted that it has committed $250,000 to the trust, in a renewable agreement for up to four years.

Each year, a portion of the Crop Diversity Endowment Fund is paid out to ensure conservation and maintenance of crop diversity held in seed banks around the world. The Crop Trust manages a comprehensive program of long- and short-term support for gene banks.

Jerry Flint, vice present of industry affairs and regulatory at DuPont Pioneer, said "DuPont Pioneer is collaborating with the Crop Trust to secure millions of diverse seed samples, which will be essential for breeding plants that contribute to farmers' long-term success and feeding a growing population."

With recognition that the trust's responsibilities are essential, Pioneer has been collaborating with the Crop Trust since it was an idea back in 2002.