Corn, Soybean Planting Progress Dwarfs 2019

usda-planter-planting ( Jo Windmann / Farm Journal )

Despite heavy rainfall in recent weeks, farmers are still getting corn and soybean seed into the ground. According to USDA’s Crop Progress Report, soybean planting progress jumped 10 percentage points this week and corn planting progress jumped five percentage points.

Each crop is well ahead of 2019’s progress, by a landslide. Overall corn is 93% planted and soybeans are 75% planted, compared to 64% and 36%, respectively in 2019.


Leading the pack this week are North Carolina at 100%, Minnesota at 99% and Nebraska at 99% planted. Iowa is just behind with 97% of their corn acres planted.

North Dakota is the only state slightly behind 2019’s progress at 75%, while last year they were at 76%.

Corn planting is four percentage points ahead of the 5-year average overall, which stands at 89%. Emergence in the golden grain is beating last year, too, with 78% of all corn emerged, compared to just 42% in 2019.

Farmers are happy with the results they’re seeing this year with 70% of the crop rating good to excellent.


Iowa, Minnesota and Nebraska all tied for first with 95% of their soybean acres completed this week. Overall, the country is 52% emerged, compared to just 17% last year.

States aren’t quite as dramatically behind on soybean planting as they were last year. North Dakota does sit behind 2019’s 63% planted at just 51% planted this season. Tennessee is also a touch behind at 49% planted, compared to 2019’s 60%.

Soybean planting is seven percentage points ahead of the 5-year average of 68%.

Crop conditions are again overwhelmingly positive for the legume, with 70% of farmer ranking their soybeans good to excellent.