Controlling Italian Ryegrass Can Help Save Time and Money

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Piper herbicide is an excellent tool to help manage ALS- and glyphosate-resistant Italian ryegrass. Italian ryegrass can compete with desirable grasses such as bermudagrass on roadsides and further allow growth of summer weeds such as johnsongrass.

Operators may be able to reduce the number of mows needed if these undesirable grasses are controlled, thus saving time and money.

Piper contains two modes of action for superior performance and features an optimal application window for long-lasting pre-emergence and early post-emergence control. Piper also releases desirable grasses to help maintain a lush green roadside.

See the Results in the Field

Photo above shows results from roadside trials conducted by Patrick McCullough, associate professor with University of Georgia in late 2018. Piper provided outstanding post-emergence and residual control. Piper was applied December 5, 2018 at 8 oz/A + NIS 25%. Ryegrass was at pre-tillering stage.


For improved quality of desirable grasses, control Italian ryegrass. Contact your Nufarm sales rep for more information.


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