Control Weeds with Flexible Spring Burndown Options

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Growers know that weeds like marestail, cutleaf evening primrose and henbit can prove costly to yields, and it’s vital to get them under control as early as possible.

When implementing a spring burndown program, herbicides must be effective against these glyphosate-tolerant species. However, Credit Xtreme continues to provide excellent control of grasses, chickweed, and many other weeds. Tank-mix compatibility is another factor that can optimize the convenience and control of a burndown program.

The most important part of choosing spring burndown solutions, though, is tailoring it to fit the needs of individual operations.

In field trials, a Spitfire® + Panther SC ™ + Credit Xtreme program has proven 90+% control of the toughest weeds, including those mentioned above.

Use this guide for more details and to find the most powerful program for your growers: Burndown Decision Guide

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