Consider Conservation on Unprofitable Areas

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Creating a wildlife conservation area on your farm starts with a close look at precision data according to Josh Divan, a farmer in Scarville, Iowa and a precision ag and conservation specialist for Pheasants Forever Iowa

"You know whether that's a yield map or an aerial photo, you go to the red," Divan told AgriTalk's Chip Flory and host of Outdoors on the Farm for AgDay TV. "The red acres are your unproductive, marginal acres."

Divan says given the cost of producing crops, it is important to evaluate every acre in terms of production capabilities. 

"Surprisingly not that many people do actually put the pencil to the paper, to figure out what it costs for you to try to raise a crop," says Divan. "Then, of course, link that to the yield data so you know what you're actually getting off that area and if you're not making money that's where you need to start thinking about alternatives." 

Divan says a lot of that will be based on soil types or topography.

"Every farm has an area that is unprofitable and could be profitable through another form of management," says Divan. 

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