Conservis Tool Provides Economic Analysis Down to the Square Yard

Zone Economics, from Conservis, provides cost-based farm activity analysis down to the square yard. ( Conservis )

Are there parts of the field not worth planting? Could I get buy on cheaper seed? Which seeding rate gives me the best yield? Did I need to do that last spray application?

These frequently asked questions are at the heart of a new tool from Conservis. Zone Economics provides cost-based farm activity analysis down to the square yard. This will enable growers to compare and evaluate the economic efficiency of their field practices, according to Conservis. 

"In recent times, the power has been in the hands of the large equipment manufacturers or seed and input companies," said David Gehant, Conservis VP of Customer Success, in a news release. "Zone Economics gives leverage and power back to the grower, as the data revealed facilitates a meaningful conversation with farm advisors and stakeholders." 

Zone Economics requires equipment be connected to Climate FieldView and/or John Deere Operations Center. As-applied and yield data then combines with Conservis costs and activities, bringing growers an in-field economic analysis that paints the full picture, according to Conservis. Applying actual activity costs provides growers the cost of production, right down to the square yard. 

The tool allows growers to do side-by-side comparisons of field and activity performance. Costs and activities function as stackable layers that can be selected to readily view application and yield analysis, allowing growers to see everything that happened on that field in a single view.

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