Conservis launches first in a series of accounting integration packages

Conservis Corp announced the general availability of real-time financial accounting integration with an industry-leading financial management accounting package from FBS Systems.

Adding to its already robust platform of management tools, Conservis' accounting integration allows on-the-ground production data collected by Conservis to seamlessly transfer into financial management accounting systems. The new accounting integration increases efficiency and reduces the risk of errors typical of duplicative data entry. As with all Conservis data, the integrity of information is maintained securely in the cloud.

"The last six years have seen ag management solutions multiply rapidly across specialized applications, creating an array of data silos that farm businesses have to navigate on their own," said Jack Makowski, Product Manager at Conservis. "The Conservis platform is the first to solve this issue for the farmer's financial and related production data. Simplifying the farmer's world means connecting the greatest number of dots and this is another major step in bringing all systems together for an expansive, total-farm management platform."

Providing management tools that encompass all business activities on a farm, including planning, budgeting, purchasing, inventory, production management and tracking, harvest tracking and settlement, gives growers visibility and insight into the complex details and numerous functions that make farms work. The data collected from these operation-wide business processes flow directly into accounting systems for a complete, holistic financial picture. Accounting and production information is always in sync for complete accuracy and time-savings.

"Financial integration is part of our core strategy," said Patrick Christie, CEO of Conservis. "From inputs management, to machines, to financials and risk management, connecting all the pieces of the farm is part of our mission. Conservis will be the single window into tomorrow's farm."

"Every field activity recorded in Conservis drives dollars in FBS management accounting," said Norm Brown, FBS president. "What happens in the field doesn't stay in the field. It automatically updates financial inventories and cost accounting by farm, crop, field and operation. The signature FBS integrated platform precisely meshes with the Conservis cloud to save time, improve accuracy and generate unprecedented levels of financial analysis and cost control."

Conservis and FBS Systems is the first of a series of financial accounting package integrations set to be released by Conservis in the coming months.