Conservis announces new software benefits for farmers

Farmers need every edge they can get, and the longstanding way of tracking operation data on paper or hand-entered spreadsheets no longer provides the outputs farmers need. The one-size-fits-all solution offered by many agriculture software companies doesn't provide the detail or personalization farmers need to attain the success and return on investment that's critical to their business.

Conservis announced its new software benefits, under Conservis Dashboard; it gives growers the first-ever "snapshot of how their fields are performing. It displays data on key metrics in a simple-to-use interface. Conservis Dashboard delivers performance metrics via widgets that show consolidated, graphical information regarding the status of key functions of a farming operation.

"Conservis Dashboard enables growers needing critical information to make important business decisions in a centralized, aggregated view, said Pat Christie, CEO of Conservis. "Our ultimate goal is to help growers to maximize the power of their own data; this is a major step toward that goal.

Conservis Dashboard also allows customers to see the first integration with Iteris ClearAg weather, soil and water data. These statistics give growers access to information that impacts field accessibility used to help plan activities. Future Iteris functionality involving predictive modeling will also be found in Conservis Dashboard.

Conservis software is in the cloud and comes with live support providing implementation, training, and continual assistance. The Conservis system currently helps manage more than $8 billion of agricultural land, equipment, inputs and crop assets at all stages of production and is used by some of North America's most progressive agricultural producers.

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