Compass Minerals Launches Nutrition Line For the Seed Box

Compass Minerals Plant Nutrition
( Compass Minerals )

Compass Minerals Plant Nutrition has launched its Rocket Seeds nutritional seed treatment lineup. The first of four planned products is PMZ Dry, a dry nutritional flow-aid with a 1-10-0, 8% Zn 2% Mn analysis. The patent-pending formulation replaces talc and/or graphite in the planter box. PMZ Dry will be available in two product sizes: 7 lb. jugs and 35 lb. pails. The product should be used at a rate of 3 oz. per unit (50 lb.) of seed.

According to Compass Minerals, PMZ Dry is uniquely formulated for root growth and stress management during the critical, early period of a crop’s growth cycle. PMZ Dry adds agronomic value while simultaneously drying the seed and improving flow. The product is designed to complement starter fertilizer use, as well.

Another dry product and two liquid products are scheduled to launch early 2019.