Compass Minerals Collaborates With Marrone Bio Innovations

Compass Minerals Plant Nutrition and Marrone Bio Innovations Inc. announce their collaboration to develop new products aiming to deliver improved plant vigor, higher yields and better return on investment.

The partnership will focus on taking a set of Marrone Bio’s 18,000 microorganisms and applying Compass Minerals’ nutrient efficiency knowledge to develop specialty plant nutrient products enhanced with microorganisms.

“Compass Minerals Plant Nutrition is excited to have access to the rich collection of Marrone Bio’s microorganisms that have shown the ability to improve plant health and growth,” Ryan Bartlett, vice president of innovation and product development at Compass Minerals said in a recent news release. “This collaboration is an important one as we continue to expand our season-long plant nutrition portfolio and build on our history of innovation and leadership in the category with this unique line of products.”

The goal of the collaboration is to yield patented technologies that increase crop health and reduce crop stress. 

“We have been seeking ways to innovatively leverage our microorganism collection and biologicals development expertise into new and adjacent markets beyond crop protection such as the $155 billion crop nutrition market.” Pam Marrone, CEO of Marrone Bio said in the news release announcing the partnership. “Leveraging our companies’ combined technologies’ and core competencies; we look forward to working with Compass Minerals Plant Nutrition as a partner in the development of exciting new products that don’t exist in the market today.”