CommoditAg Adds Suppliers of Alfalfa Hay and Biostimulants

CommoditAg has added two new suppliers: Northview Family Farms and Stoller USA. 

These new partners add high-quality alfalfa and expand the biostimulant and crop nutrition products in the CommoditAg lineup.

“We source the everyday farm products farmers know and trust, as well as feature niche and emerging suppliers and products that farmers may not otherwise have access to explore,” John Demerly, CEO, CommoditAg said in a news release. “Northview Family Farms and Stoller products help farmers maximize crop yields and animal nutrition, and we are thrilled to have them join our supplier network and expand our product offerings.”   
Northview Family Farms is a family-owned haying business in north-central Nebraska that grows dairy quality alfalfa. In operation for more than 15 years, the farm’s primary business is raising and selling high-quality alfalfa throughout the Unites States. CommoditAg now offers three of the farm’s premium alfalfa hay products, including:  

  • Premium Alfalfa Hay #1 – A top-quality hay by test, softness and looks used for lactating dairy cattle and dairy goats, equine or show stock.  
  • Premium Alfalfa Hay #2 – A green hay used mostly for show stock, heifer or bull breeding programs, and some equine programs.  
  • Premium Alfalfa Hay #3 – A yellow-to-green hay used for stock cows, dairy heifers or feeding stocker cattle.  

“As a business, we strive to be leaders in the forage industry and deliver great quality hay based on our many years of experience,” said Kyle Lechtenberg, owner, Northview Family Farms. “It is our goal to be a trusted supplier in the forage industry, and we are excited to work with CommoditAg to reach a broader set of customers.”  
Stoller is recognized as the leading provider of yield-enhancing solutions for both localized and global crop production challenges. CommoditAg now offers the company’s following biostimulant and crop nutritional products:  

  • Bio-Forge Advanced, a fertilizer proven to minimize crop stress and maximize yield.  
  • Fortified Stimulate Yield Enhancer Plus, which enhances emergence and germination while boosting early stage root growth and plant vigor when applied at planting.  
  • Harvest More Urea Mate, the most complete fertilizer on the market with 11 key nutrients for optimal growth throughout the season. 
  • Harvest Plus, a premium liquid fertilizer that provides season-long plant nutrition through a proprietary formulation of essential micronutrients. 
  • Sugar Power, which improves late-season yield potential by increasing grain weight, fruit Brix and root crop bulking. 
  • X-Cyte, which provides cytokinin that is crucial for vegetative growth, reproductive development, and abiotic stress mitigation. 

“Stoller products help growers maximize yield potential on every acre,” said Dale Hanke, Stoller U.S. Director of Marketing. “We are excited for the opportunity to work with CommoditAg as a retail partner to expand grower access to our innovative product line.” 

CommoditAg, founded in 2017, combines the efficiency and convenience of digital technology and e-commerce capabilities with deep-rooted agriculture knowledge to provide farmers with top-notch customer experience and the best value. The company offers a broad range of crop protection, lubricants, plant nutrition and animal nutrition products, with delivery or same-day pick-up options available at one of more than 40 local retail fulfillment centers.