CommoditAg Adds MKC As Retailer Partner

CommoditAg now has warehouses from Kansas to Ohio.
( CommoditAg )

MKC, formerly known as Mid-Kansas Cooperative, has joined CommoditAg.

To serve farmers through local ag retail but with an online ecommerce platform, CommoditAg was started in 2017. features an online selection of crop protection, plant nutrition and adjuvants.

Retailers in the CommoditAg network now include MKC in Kansas, Landmark Services in Wisconsin, Sunrise Cooperative in Ohio and The Equity in Illinois.

"MKC is a successful, progressive ag retailer and they know how to deliver the last mile to farmers making them the absolute right partner for CommoditAg to meet the needs of Kansas farmers, says Tim Bence, CommoditAg's Chief Operations Officer.

“Partnering with CommoditAg offers MKC another way to service our customers. We know the ag retail market is evolving. It is imperative we offer our customers choice," says Dave Spears, Chief Marketing Officer for MKC. "Our combined product, program and service offerings allow them to make the best business decisions for their operation.”


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