Commentary: Anti-GMO groups side against Gates Foundation

The U.S. Right to Know and Global Justice Now are two activist organizations hammering against any organizations or public institution supportive of genetically modified (GM) crops and the funding of their spread in the U.S. and Africa. Both are condemning the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and those receiving money from the foundation for funding of programs beneficial to agrichemical corporations and improperly influencing agricultural development in Africa.

Gary Ruskin, the mouthpiece for U.S. Right to Know, announced how the organization published an analysis in The Ecologist documenting "how millions of dollars from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation are being used to run a propaganda campaign out of Cornell University that promotes GMOs and pesticides for the benefit of agrichemical corporations." The document is titled "Why is Cornell University hosting a GMO propaganda campaign."

What is unbelievable is how these activist organizations say support of GMOs are based on "unscientific" facts. It appears that these organizations are claiming anyone not concerned about GMOs are not looking at the science and are lying to the public about GMO safety.

The supposed facts that GMOs are dangerous and unhealthy are completely false because there are no such scientific facts and any professed facts are based on faulty science, according to the huge majority of the world's scientific community.

Ruskin has distributed a news release to news media that attacks the Cornell Alliance for Science. He wrote:

"The (U.S. Right to Know produced) analysis documents how the Cornell Alliance, launched in 2014 with $5.6 million grant from the Gates Foundation, is operating as a PR campaign that promotes genetically engineered crops and foods using the same inaccurate messaging and unscrupulous tactics the agrichemical industry used to push its agenda for chemically intensive, GMO agriculture."

His claim is that findings show:

"Under the guise of 'standing up for science,' the Cornell Alliance for Science routinely makes unscientific statements about GMOs.

"The Cornell Alliance for Science partners with chemical industry PR operatives to teach 'science' to students.

"The Cornell Alliance for Science offers fellowship for GMO advocates including an ethically questionable journalism fellowship."

Global Justice Now developed what it calls a

"tongue-in-cheek" video game showing super-hero Bill Gates flying over Africa throwing money to those below while his stock portfolio keeps generating money. Global Justice is critical of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation for influencing African agriculture and the entire society of the continent.

"The vision of development that the Gates Foundation is pushing is one derived from the free market, big business values of corporate America, and has the potential to make poverty and inequity even worse," the organization claimed in a press release to news media. It further claims Africans "don't need saving" with charity but changes in trade rules and taxes.