Collaboration Evaluates New Yield Traits in Soybean

( Aimee Cope )

In a newly signed, three-year non-exclusive research agreement, Yield10 Bioscience Inc. and GDM will work together to evaluate novel soybean yield traits. The companies will work together within Yield10’s research and development program.

The companies’ goals are to improve soybean yields and sustainability. They’re working on three specific traits in the first phase of their research and will expand to new traits as appropriate. In Yield10’s current greenhouse testing, these three traits have shown the most promising yield benefits such as:

  • Improved vigor
  • Increased photosynthesis
  • Increased seed yield

“Yield10’s unique approach to trait discovery utilizing its ‘Trait Factory’ has produced a significant portfolio of yield traits with promising activities that are appealing to us for testing in our elite soybean germplasm,” said Andre Belo, new breeding techniques manager at GDM. “GDM uses advanced research and breeding technologies, such as genome editing and genome selection, and we believe there may be significant opportunities to develop new performance traits to complement our capabilities in plant breeding.”

Yield10 and GDM state they intend to explore forming a broader collaboration to leverage Yield10’s GRAIN trait gene discovery plat form and GDM’s rapid trait editing capabilities.

“We look forward to supporting the research team at GDM as we enable their evaluation of new traits in soybean,” said Kristi Snell, chief science officer at Yield10. “Yield10 has demonstrated capability using our GRAIN platform to identify novel traits that exhibit significant potential for producing yield benefits in soybeans and other oilseed crops.”

GDM has operations in the U.S., Argentina and Brazil to accelerate the testing engine with Yield10.

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