Clinton Griffiths: ‘Tis a Trying Season

Farm Journal Editor and AgDay Host ( Eric Crowley )

November may be the most transitional month of the year. It's typically the last gasp of warmer weather, crops are coming out of the field and into storage, plans for next season are underway, and then it’s on to holidays, New Year resolutions and prepping for winter. Wash and repeat.

November through the end of the year can be exhausting. A year's worth of plans needs final execution and the plans that have been executed need to be updated, checked or buried.

Of course, we do this while trying to enjoy the season of thankfulness and giving with friends and family. Often the stress of this time leaves us less than appreciative and rarely jubilant.

Stay Present

This November amid the hustle, make a mental note to be present. Look around your farm or ranch and appreciate the work your hands have accomplished. It might not be everything you planned. It might not be as big a change as you imagined, yet if you step back and count the successes, you’ll be surprised.

Be Intentional

Spend a few uninterrupted minutes talking and listening to your kids, your wife, your husband or parents. There are so many devices, noises and people pulling for our attention it’s easy to forget to give it. Communication must be intentional. Accidental communication is rarely of any quality.

There are no guarantees these last two months of the year won’t be stressful. If we’re lucky, we’ll survive and share a smile or two along the way. Just remember, once the calendar turns to 2020, November will be back before you know it!

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