Climate Corp Combines Data With Crop Insurance For Easy Reporting

Hail damaged field in central Illinois. ( Crop-Tech Consulting )

Bayer subsidiary Climate Corporation recently announced an agreement with Farmer’s Mutual Hail Insurance Company of Iowa (FMH) to connect field data to FMH for crop insurance reporting. The companies say this collaboration will simplify reporting.

“We are working to accelerate the development and delivery of digital solutions for farmers by bringing together participants across the agricultural value chain through our industry-leading Climate FieldView platform,” said Mike Stern, Chief Executive Officer for The Climate Corporation and Head of Digital Farming at Bayer in a recent press release. “Like Climate, FMH recognizes the benefits of helping farmers organize their data in one place to optimize and simplify all their management decisions. Through this partnership, we look forward to bringing more streamlined insurance reporting to farmers.”

By enabling access to the Climate FieldView platform, farmers can request data transfer to FMH for seamless delivery. It can provide planting and production reports, thus eliminating the need for manual data entry. The companies say they will continue to work to identify further collaboration opportunities to partner in the area of digital risk management for farmers.

“FMH has been focused on enhancing and expanding our use of digital ag data to best meet the needs of today’s farmers. We continue to lead the industry through partnerships like these that grow our innovative insurance solutions,” said Ron Rutledge, FMH President and CEO. “We are excited about working with The Climate Corporation to add an easy-to-use reporting option for our policyholders who use FieldView and agents utilizing FMH Precision Crop Insurance Solutions. Not only will connecting our two systems enhance reporting processes, the data collected through FieldView can be used for adjusting crop losses, resulting in an enhanced claim experience for our policyholders.”