Is China Buying Soybeans Yet?

Soybeans to China 120618
Trade relations between the US and China are tense as both nations impose tariffs on imports. ( Pixabay/MGN )

So how soon will we see U.S. ag start flowing again to China?

Bloomberg News reporting Chinese officials are preparing to restart those imports and specifically U.S. soybeans and liquefied natural gas.
If true, it backs up a statement released over the weekend from the White House that China had agreed to start buying some U.S. products immediately. U.S. traders, however, say they're yet to see evidence any buying has taken place.

President Trump retweeting portions of the Bloomberg report on Wednesday. Bloomberg also reporting that it's not clear whether China would cut the tariffs it imposed on soybeans when those buys happen. Chinese imports of American soybeans fell a whopping 95% in October.