Channel Adds Advanced Disease Tolerance To Corn Lineup

To protect farmers from five damaging diseases, Bayer is launching Channel Protexus corn for their Channel seed brand. This includes maturities from 97 to 115-day relative maturity.

“The new Channel Protexus products provide protection against some of the most financially devastating corn diseases,” says Brett Ochs, Channel brand corn product manager. “The disease tolerance provide by Channel Protexus corn is designed to help farmers reduce yield losses associated with corn diseases.”

The new products protect against anthracnose stalk rot, Goss’s wilt and leaf blight, northern corn leaf blight, gray leaf spot and southern rust in corn. It’s all genetic resistance discovered through breeding, and the need for tolerance to these specific diseases were identified by Channel seedsman feedback.

All five disease tolerances are in one hybrid—with the occasional exception of southern rust in some of the northern maturities. Channel Protexus includes 14 new products in a variety of trait packages.